Powers of officers of the Foreign Intelligence Agency

Art. 22. Within the limits of the tasks referred to in Art. 6 section 1, the Foreign Intelligence Agency ‘s officers perform operational, reconnaissance-related, analytical and informational activities.

Art. 24. 1. The Foreign Intelligence Agency’s officers, while performing the activities referred to in Art. 22, have the right to:

1)   demand the necessary assistance from state institutions, government administration and local self-government bodies, as well as entrepreneurs conducting activities in the field of public utility; the aforementioned institutions, bodies and entrepreneurs are obliged, within the scope of their activities, to provide such assistance free of charge, within the framework of the binding provisions of the law;

2)  request the necessary assistance from entrepreneurs, organisational units and social organisations other than those mentioned in section 1, as well as, in emergencies, request emergency assistance from any person, within the framework of the applicable provisions of the law.