About the Agency

The Foreign Intelligence Agency, similarly to other modern intelligence services, is trying to integrate effectively into the democratic structures of modern civil society. This is achieved by greater transparency of its operation than in the past, in so far as it does not violate the security of the state or the fundamental rules of operation of the intelligence service. These foundations are always: service to the state and the nation, subordination to statutory control, and in the context of professional activity, it is the absolute protection of sources, personnel and assets, as well as means and operations of intelligence.

Our mission is to provide intelligence, anticipative and exclusive information to the most important state authorities of the Republic of Poland, which make optimal decisions for the interests of the state and its citizens in the ever changing international conditions.

Our ministry

We believe that facilitating access to information on the Foreign Intelligence Agency – including via this website – will enable our service to obtain assistance from domestic natural and legal persons in the performance of our tasks, undertaken for the protection of the external security of the state.